Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Practice Blog Post

Hello my name is Sheldon Herrington and I have lived in Lucedale, MS my whole life. I am blessed with loving parents and three younger siblings: two boys and one girl. I am very interested into biology and how life works. I love sports and could play them every day of my life. I made it to USA because it is about 35 minutes away from my house and I have heard nothing but good things about USA. I became interested in education because I wanted to make a difference in people's lives everyday but still be involved with sports as a coach of some sort.

My passions most definitely has to be sports and helping others. Combining the two makes a coach. What I do best is help other people learn. I like playing and watching sports more than I like doing anything else. I want to get better at clarifying my voice when I speak to other people. The reason I know I would like to coach is that I have been the head coach of my little brother's baseball and basketball teams and I just loved being part of a team and teaching others how to do something I love.

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Practice Post

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I like to go see the Atlanta braves.

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